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Be Where It Matters When It Matters

If you need to understand how shoppers shop for products or categories, nothing compares to, well, actually being there when they shop for products or categories.

Shelf Evaluations by Gravis provide context-rich insights into shopper behavior by letting you go along with shoppers as they’re actually in stores—navigating aisles, browsing selections, and, ultimately, making purchase decisions.

How Shelf Evaluations Work

Shelf Evaluations crowdsource the smartphones of everyday shoppers to equip brands, retailers, and agencies with truly in-the-moment insights into shopper behavior.

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Shopper's Opinion on Local Supermarkets


Shopper's Opinion on Local Supermarkets

Where: Local Markets
500 visits in 15 days

What: Mystery shoppers checked grocery, delicatessen, bakery areas to check if products are fresh or not, area cleanliness, salesperson attitude. Also shoppers bought some products and scored checkout process for different KPIs like waiting time, personal attitude, promotion offers etc.

Video Shopalong

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Video Shopalong

Where: Supermarkets, Local Markets, Cosmetic Stores
20 visits per week

What: Shoppers which profiled earlier with income, age, gender etc. recorded videos while their daily, weekly, monthly shop routines. At the same time recording videos which categories and products they visit and buy also shoppers give feedbacks and comments about why they are choosing those products.

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