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Founded in 2010, Gravis provides businesses with B2B Crowd-supported solutions, answering the industry’s call for efficiency by managing a large network of on-demand users.

We believe that the use of flexible workforces is changing the way people work.

The Flexible Workforce for Your Business

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We believe that separating jobs into specific tasks leads to a more efficient use of resources.

Selecting specific tasks and scaling them through a community of independent users, who can take action entirely where and when you need them, empowers your business with more flexibility and maximized efficiency.

Gravis is the Turkish leader in crowd-based field-marketing activities, performing tasks for the biggest FMCG manufacturers, consumer brands, PCGs and retail chains.

A trained community of consumers

Our community counts hundreds of thousands of trained shoppers who are dedicated to gathering insights and photos in retail and out of home, performing mystery shopping tasks, and providing unbiased ratings and reviews for your products and services. Available anytime, anywhere!


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