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Inspect what you expect to see across all locations. 

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 - Protect and maximize your investment with an objective measure of execution.

 - Use photos and videos to capture reality and eliminate assumptions from the decision process.

- Ensure plans, training and initiatives materialize at each location to assess effectiveness.

 - Measure your locations, your competition, or both to create comparative performance metrics.

We have the power of over 300 auditors that can complete audits across all over Turkey. Audits are completed using a mobile app (iOS and android) to capture data efficiently whenever and wherever you need. The resulting reporting is available in real-time allowing you to act in the moment to manage performance.

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We deliver solutions for restaurants, big box and specialty retail, grocery, petro-convenience, hospitality, travel, telecom, technology, energy, education, health and wellness, movie studios and theatres, fitness, financial services, gaming, CPG, alcohol and tobacco, pharma, government agencies and more!

Our multi-location solutions provide a robust framework for measuring and improving employee experience, operational performance, customer experience, and your KPI's.

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Compliance Audit


Compliance Audit

Where: Brandstores
300 visits per monthly

What: Checking KPI's like planogram, availability of products, store order, security measurements. Scorecards created for brandstores after visits and custom reports created which special to client. 

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