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See Your Product Through the Customer's Eyes

Product Insights by Gravis capture customer perspectives on your products in-store, online, and at-home

Customers don’t engage with your products in a laboratory. They shop for them in-store or online, and they use them in the familiar surroundings of their homes. So when it comes to understanding customers’ attitudes and behaviors toward your products, context matters. A lot.


Product Insights by Gravis specialize in context-rich insights. We meet customers where they are—in-store, online, or at-home—to capture in-the-moment insights about product/category shopping and usage



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Meet Mert

29 years old
Single, no kids
Earns ₺85k


Likes protein rich products
Reads sports magazines
Gets news from Twitter

Rides a bicycle
Lives eco friendly
Work volunteerly at animal shelter

Play online games daily
Shops daily

Product Insights


Yoghurt Try & Review

Where: At home
100 reviews in 1 week

What: Same sauce, drink or meal prepared with different yoghurt brands, products are compared and reviewed

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