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See Competitors as Customers See Them


In today’s fiercely competitive retail environment, it’s simply not enough to know what customers think about your brand or stores, it’s also essential to understand their attitudes toward competitors—and to understand these perspectives in a timely, accurate, and robust way.


Competitor Insights by Gravis go inside the customer’s mind even as they’re shopping competitive stores or using competitive products, to provide in-the-moment perspectives on rivals and to draw comparisons between their brands/stores and your own.

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Meet Rüya

35 years old
Married, 1 kid
Earns ₺120k

Likes eco friendly & sustainable products
Reads lifestyle magazines
Spend time on Instagram

Has a gym membership
Daily yoga

Eat lunch outside at her favourite restaurant
Workouts daily

Yoghurt Shelf Check & Feedbacks


Yoghurt Check

Where: Discounters
50 visits per week

What: Profiled shoppers went to discounters to collect informations about yoghurt products and give feedbacks about packaging, pricing, brand visibility etc.

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